19. Dezember 2010

Frohe Weihnachten | Merry Christmas

Also fond of Little Lord Fauntleroy? I love this story for many reasons, e.g. having somewhat the same spirit as Dickens´ A Christmas Carol. Here´s a season´s greeting presenting one of the illustrations I made for the german issue of Little Lord Fauntleroy (Arena Verlag). It will be published presumably in autumn 2011. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

18. November 2010

Dschungelliebe | JungleLove

Here´s a new page from Dschungelliebe, issue 2 of my comic book series Damian & Alexander. At this point of the story Damian is meeting Alex´ sister Smilla, who is fatally ill, for the first time. I hope she gets well soon. I´m gonna break the news for you here, so stay tuned ;).

12. November 2010

Buchcover | Coverillustration

A coverillustration that I made for Randomhouse. The kids in the book are on a chase where they have to solve a riddle that deals with an anagram.

10. November 2010

Operndiven | Prima Donne

From time to time, I am working on new picture book stories of mine. These three graces are from one of them. I especially like the thin and pale one on the left, but also the heavy one on the right is a caricature of a real "Diva", I think. You can see I was a bit unsure if I should open the mouth more wide or not.

3. November 2010

Pirrratten | PiRATS

Some rude guys make an entrance here! The "PiRATS" ("Pirrratten") are a new series that me and Martin Petersen are working on for the new Hamburg magazine STADTLICHH. We all had great fun figuring out this real rat pack! The plot centers around their adventures in and about Hamburg, the new HAFENCITY and Hamburg haven in general... and all the way getting into trouble with the notorious rats living on land ("Landratten"). Anchors aweigh!


These are storyboards I recently made for a german filmmaker. We had a great time together figuring out the fighting scene. Sadly we couldn´t race around like in the final pictures... ;)

21. Oktober 2010

Lesung Fotos | Reading Lesson II

Here are some impressions of the reading lesson at "Nimmersatt" children´s book store that I presented lately. I hope it shows the nice and warm atmosphere and the good time we had reading about dragons and knights and drawing them altogether, afterwards.

11. Oktober 2010

Lesung | Reading Lesson

Save the date! It´s time to meet knights and dragons and damsels in distress! When young Max is asleep, he dreams himself off to a far away world, where he can proof to be a brave hero and fight dragons in order to free a beautiful princess. Waking up, he carries on day-dreaming about the adventure, but soon we find that reality has a special other kind of turn than what Max is trying to make his dream out of!

Come and join me on my reading lesson to my Gerstenberg Picture Book
Max, der Drachenschreck
on Saturday, 16th of October,
in the beautiful and atmospheric children´s book shop Nimmersatt in
Dieffenbachstraße 53, 10967 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
at 16 o´clock.

Hope to see you there!

21. September 2010


There´s a common Berlin habit: Eating Schnitzel. In a real Berlin restaurant or pub, you always can order that. Sometimes, there is even a "Schnitzeltag", which means that there is Schnitzel on the menu at special prizes that day, in every style you can imagine: Schnitzel with fried eggs on the top, Schnitzel with asparagus and cream, Schnitzel with whatever you like.
I found it such a typical Berlin idea that I decided to make it the name of a comic strip which deals with real life experiences here in Berlin or elsewhere. So any day you´ll read "Schnitzeltag" here, it deals with something true. Something really real. Like Schnitzel.

# 01: "We went to Rome this time. On the 8th day we had to change the apartment..."
# 02: "... because of cockroaches."
# 03: "I know what you mean. I was on Sardinia for three weeks of yoga. It was all the same..."
# 04: "Sunshine friends (in a moment of agreement)"


This is Jörg :).

17. September 2010

Kirchenmusiktage | Sacred Music

Endlich sind sie da :). Für den Kirchenkreis Reinickendorf in Berlin habe ich ein Plakat und einen Flyer gestaltet, um für Kirchenmusik-Veranstaltungen in der Woche vom 07.-14. November 2010 werben. Der Kunde wünschte sich ein durch Fotokopierer, Laser- und Inkjet individuell bedruckbares Plakat in den Formaten A 3 und A 4, sodass er mehrere Jahre in Folge darauf zurückgreifen kann. Für das Bedrucken mit Veranstaltungshinweisen ist der untere Bereich des Plakates frei gelassen.

Finally, they´re here! For the Berlin borough Reinickendorf I made this poster and flyer to promote a week of sacred music. The client needed an opportunity to print onto the poster themselves, in order to promote the different events separately and individually throughout a couple of years. So there it is, a poster in two DIN standards that is able to be printed by photocopier, laser and inkjet.


14. September 2010

Dschungelliebe | JungleLove

A page from issue 2 of my comic book series Damian & Alexander. The german title Dschungelliebe is a romantic joke about what happens in the book and were the action takes place, it´s translation would be... Junglelove, I guess (or would Jungle_love be better? :). It´s going to take a while until it´s finished, because the volume of the book will be as epic as it´s story. I will recurrently post new samples here - so stay tuned :)

Daily Bread

Today´s morning bread. I liked the picture :).

2. September 2010

Mit Max und Mowgli durch die Wüste | Exhibition

Mit Max und Mowgli durch die Wüste - Illustrationen von Thilo Krapp

10. September bis 20. November 2010

Vernissage: 10. September ab 18°° Uhr  

Buchhandlung Nimmersatt, Dieffenbachstraße 53, 10967 Berlin
Di - Fr. 11:00 – 19:00, Sa 10:30 – 17:00
030 / 66 77  84 01

Nun sind es schon einige Jahre, die ich als Illustrator arbeite. Zeit für eine kleine Werkschau!
Deswegen haben die schöne Kinderbuchhandlung Nimmersatt im Berliner Graefekiez und ich diese Ausstellung geplant, in der ich viele meiner Kinderbuchillustrationen sowie Comics und freie Arbeiten zeige. Ganz schön spannend für mich, denn ein Teil der Originale kann auch erworben werden.