21. September 2010


There´s a common Berlin habit: Eating Schnitzel. In a real Berlin restaurant or pub, you always can order that. Sometimes, there is even a "Schnitzeltag", which means that there is Schnitzel on the menu at special prizes that day, in every style you can imagine: Schnitzel with fried eggs on the top, Schnitzel with asparagus and cream, Schnitzel with whatever you like.
I found it such a typical Berlin idea that I decided to make it the name of a comic strip which deals with real life experiences here in Berlin or elsewhere. So any day you´ll read "Schnitzeltag" here, it deals with something true. Something really real. Like Schnitzel.

# 01: "We went to Rome this time. On the 8th day we had to change the apartment..."
# 02: "... because of cockroaches."
# 03: "I know what you mean. I was on Sardinia for three weeks of yoga. It was all the same..."
# 04: "Sunshine friends (in a moment of agreement)"