18. November 2010

Dschungelliebe | JungleLove

Here´s a new page from Dschungelliebe, issue 2 of my comic book series Damian & Alexander. At this point of the story Damian is meeting Alex´ sister Smilla, who is fatally ill, for the first time. I hope she gets well soon. I´m gonna break the news for you here, so stay tuned ;).

12. November 2010

Buchcover | Coverillustration

A coverillustration that I made for Randomhouse. The kids in the book are on a chase where they have to solve a riddle that deals with an anagram.

10. November 2010

Operndiven | Prima Donne

From time to time, I am working on new picture book stories of mine. These three graces are from one of them. I especially like the thin and pale one on the left, but also the heavy one on the right is a caricature of a real "Diva", I think. You can see I was a bit unsure if I should open the mouth more wide or not.

3. November 2010

Pirrratten | PiRATS

Some rude guys make an entrance here! The "PiRATS" ("Pirrratten") are a new series that me and Martin Petersen are working on for the new Hamburg magazine STADTLICHH. We all had great fun figuring out this real rat pack! The plot centers around their adventures in and about Hamburg, the new HAFENCITY and Hamburg haven in general... and all the way getting into trouble with the notorious rats living on land ("Landratten"). Anchors aweigh!


These are storyboards I recently made for a german filmmaker. We had a great time together figuring out the fighting scene. Sadly we couldn´t race around like in the final pictures... ;)