31. März 2011

Mann am Flughafen | Man at the Airport

I had to wait for my connecting flight at the airport today, and this is a salesman, who I tried to remember by drawing him from memory (after he and his colleagues had left the seats vis-à-vis). It´s interesting to see how modern business men get more and more dressed like models. I tried to recover the couture and the slight appeal of grey in his genteel haircut. I guess the Jacket was much more fashionable, but I was first interested in his waistcoat and the overall combination of his clothing.

26. März 2011

Max, das Glühwürmchen | Max, the Firefly

A three-page comic about a firefly serving as a mascot for a power firm. I designed this in collaboration with my colleagues from gras und sterne. You can see the complete sequence above and a sample out of it  below.

23. März 2011

Zwei Portraits | Two Portraits

Last weekend I spent a nice time with other illustrators on a small island up in the north. We had a great time together, and on sunday I drew these two portraits during a collective sitting. Everyone of us served as a model once - for five minutes...

3. März 2011

Piraten-Ratten 2 | PiRats 2

Issue 2 of my series for the Hamburg Magazine STADTLICHH, which deals with the adventures of rats in the Hafencity. Borneo, the son of Rollo, captain of the PiRats, has to fight against the cruel owner of a storehouse and his gang of city-rats, and to save a true "damsel in distress". The page is strongly filled with action; we had to bring the story to a point where we can go on with the coming, a bit more relaxing part of the story.