23. April 2011

Katzen-Skizzen | Cat Sketches

This is my cat Tommy. He´s about 10 years old and for a cat, he´s in his prime.

12. April 2011

Ein verwöhnter Prinz | A spoiled Prince

Because his father wants him to get more self-reliant, he sends Prince Croesus on a kind of world tour. This coverillustration portrays some of the characters he encounters during his odyssee. I had fun to figure out the old diva on the upper left, who imprisons notes in attempt to get a perfect harmony. I think that´s not too far from reality.

7. April 2011

Der rote Flitzer | The red Runabout

This cover illustration is some years ago, but I think it still can be here :). It was my debut as a children´s book illustrator. The story is about an old lady who inherits a classy cabriolet, and two boys befriending each other as they try to help her getting the heritage. It really was a nice summer-story adventure. I love old cars.