26. Juni 2011

Dschungelliebe | Jungle Love

I completed this romantic scene for Damian & Alexander: Dschungelliebe right now. It will be the upcoming sequel of the series. All of the outlines of the book are finished, so I can focus on colour now. I´m looking forward to get to the middle of the book with that...

23. Juni 2011

Männer mit Iro | Iroquois Haircut Guys

Today, I spent some time on figuring out the character I worked on yesterday already. I tried to use an iroquois haircut on him.

Zöpfe | Braids

This one is supposed to be a member of a nordic god dynasty for the same project as mentioned below. I tried to figure out his haircut and came across a new idea today...

21. Juni 2011

Gott oder Krieger | God or Warrior

I spent some hours on making sketches of characters and settings for a comic book project today. I am not yet sure if this one will play a role, but I hope one can see that drinking ambrosia on Mount Olympus makes a bit droopy.

14. Juni 2011

Skizzen für Kinderfiguren | Sketches for Children´s Book Characters

Currently working on illustrations for a children´s book project (non-fiction), I am trying to find the characters of the two children, a boy and a girl. I am fond of the drawing for the girl, third sketch from the left (the second one could be her grandma). And the black-haired boy far left.

Altes Poesiealbum | An old Autograph Book

I don´t know what it is that makes me love old things. I found this old autograph book on the attic. It´s cover is made of blue velvet and some silver fancywork. I saw it and fell completely in love with it.

5. Juni 2011


I am happy to say that Lars von Törne, who - among others - attends the comic-departement at the well-known Berlin Newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, invided me to answer a few questions in a questionnaire to my work and comics in general. Thanks!

4. Juni 2011


This cover is a part of three classic utopian novels I made jackets for just for fun. This particular one is for Stanislaw Lem´s "Solaris", presumably his most famous novel, combining philosophy and science fiction in a serried entwined way. The cover is a so-called französische Broschur, which means it continues to wind up itself in the inner parts of the book´s cover pages.