29. Juli 2011

Dinosaurier | Dinosaurs

I created this for Ravensburger Buchverlag to visualize how I would illustrate a rich-pictured book dealing with - surprise - dinosaurs!

26. Juli 2011

Raubein | Ruffian

I painted this "Raubein" (as we call a ruffian in german) for a dear colleague of mine.

20. Juli 2011

Kinderroman | Fiction

Some new illustrations for a funny and crazy children´s book story I am currently working on! It´s about a spoiled prince having to cope with the new and unwonted life of a tramp. On his way he meets many odd characters and gets into weird and funny situations. Look out for "Prinz Krösus" coming from Baumhaus.

7. Juli 2011

What I Worked Today

Some pics of my new working space in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg: The beautiful Atelier petit 4, where I am very proud of being in company of my fellow colleagues Constanze Guhr, Bianca Schaalburg and Katja Spitzer. I hope one can see it´s a picture book about Greece that I´m working on.