29. Oktober 2011

27. Oktober 2011

Verzaubert | Under a charm

If it happens to be that you currently have to restore an old cottage, villa or Wilhelminian style flat, I have the place for you to be and find probably missing elements: The Bauhof of W. Liebchen at Lehrter Straße, in the Berlin borough Mitte/Tiergarten. There is a certain magic around this place for old building materials that got rescued from demolition, and every time I am there I get enchanted by the atmosphere of decaying or still-alive-beauty. Go there now, in the last days of autumn, as long as coloured leaves are lying around. On every corner you will find a new surprise, whether some old tiled stoves lying around in their single components, or a huge storehouse containing hundreds of beautifully carved neorenaissance, art nouveau, and art deco doors. Every time I´m there, I wanna buy everything and built my own dreamhouse.

20. Oktober 2011

"Dschungelliebe" zur Hälfte fertig | Reaching half-time with "Junglelove"

I´m fully happy that I already reached half-time in the colouring of the upcoming edition of my comic-book heroes Damian & AlexanderDschungelliebe (Junglelove). The story takes place in a lost world where they both meet for the first time, more or less by accident, and... fall in love with each other. I call it a gay Tarzan & Jane story. But getting out of the land that time forgot gets more tricky and adventurous than they could have ever imagined! Damian, Alex and his sister Smilla have to fight various types of dinosaurs and stumble over the remains of an ancient civilization with a strange cult. Watch out for Dschungelliebe at Epsilon!