27. Oktober 2011

Verzaubert | Under a charm

If it happens to be that you currently have to restore an old cottage, villa or Wilhelminian style flat, I have the place for you to be and find probably missing elements: The Bauhof of W. Liebchen at Lehrter Straße, in the Berlin borough Mitte/Tiergarten. There is a certain magic around this place for old building materials that got rescued from demolition, and every time I am there I get enchanted by the atmosphere of decaying or still-alive-beauty. Go there now, in the last days of autumn, as long as coloured leaves are lying around. On every corner you will find a new surprise, whether some old tiled stoves lying around in their single components, or a huge storehouse containing hundreds of beautifully carved neorenaissance, art nouveau, and art deco doors. Every time I´m there, I wanna buy everything and built my own dreamhouse.