3. Mai 2013

Jo Raketenpo

Diese Illustration habe ich für den Sauerländer Verlag gemacht, für das Hörbuchcover zu Pinkus Tulims "Jo Raketenpo". Auf dem Bild sind die beiden Hauptfiguren, Jonathan und Charlotte, abgebildet, im Hintergrund der Heissluftballon, der die Aufschrift "Weltumrundung" trägt (man kann aber immer nur "tumrundu" lesen).

This illustration was for an audio book cover, for Pinkus Tulims "Jo Raketenpo", a story about a boy who - well, if you look closely to the picture, you´ll be able to see what his super powers are made of... The main characters, Jonathan and Charlotte, are shown here, beating the baloonist who makes a world tour (the german word for this kind of journey in a baloon would rather be "Weltumrundung", from the movement you would do by going onto a tour like that in a baloon: to go "around" the world. But in the book, that word is always much too large to read on the huge baloon, so all the time the only thing people see of this is "tumrundu").